It All Happens to Man

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I came to remove your heart
And to take it home,
You stir the tea
And I take your words quite literally.
To remove my heart and to take it. Home.

It all happens to man.
The light’s too warm, where we were,
Though 60 W bulbs were banned now.
You hold back that smile; eyes purr
Like the Bolivian Diaries to the fate of man.

So, tonight I’ll be heartless,
I begin to think out loud.
Mindless as we were, heartless I will be
Once you decide to leave that door.
If you leave that door. fuck me free.

“Working there changed my whole take on the war”:
And two days and an hour from now
You will return to Mars and for a month more
Kiss subaltern non-governmental arse.
The governmental thing I’ll be doing from here.

“Did you get Upahara?” – No,
I nod my head sideways. Eyes watch the tea.
“Why not?” Well, I don’t know why not:
I already had for myself
Subscribed a prepaid Mobitel.

“It changed my attitude towards
The army and the war”.
The army was fighting. The war was winning.
Facebook celebrated each boy that was dying.
People were going crazy. Everywhere one looked.

“It’s safer there than here”: is your tone
Smarting, then, where it once was more a fool?
“Much much safer” and is the irony lost on me, as you
Ramble on with varieties of gun-talk.
I volunteer to walk you to the bus.

“Take care, then” and the bus comes. Halts.
“You also take care” I pat your shoulder.
Absorbed-like, you get dissolved in a crowded sheet
Of sulphuric-affective people. All going home.
I search you for a wave. But, you’re gone.

We’re no friends – you and I.
We try to be, but in trying
That essence is lost. To the world we’re lying.
I mean, it’s all a big fat lie isn’t it?
A motorcyclist toots me by.


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