The Teacher / The Teaching

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At campus, as I watch some kids ruthlessly
Suck at the power dick literally
And as those in glass cubicles, aware of status,
Go pretend that there ain’t no power
While their very pretending substantiates the point,
I, too, slowly press my things,
Just to make sure. To be safe. Alright.


“Teaching”, once my mother tells,
After a sweat-strumming day at work, sitting then to tea,
“Is the most rewarding” profession of all. I say:
“Of course, it is – for those with complexes
And those with enough unopposed weight to throw around”.
Then, she argues with me; I with her.
And, arguments carried, I lose my point. As on most days I do.


Last day of class I have the final say; and as the freshers stare at me
As if I were the oyster, my saliva the pearl, my shit, the sermon:
“Give ass” I tell ’em – “If you need to survive,
Just give ass like that ass was never yours”.
They, of course, laugh at it and they’re wondering
In their thought bubbles: “Wow, what a joker
And what a gem of a joke”


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