Flickering Neon / Dream # 063

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Will I tape when they
Rape you
In a concrete tank
Rob my bank at gunpoint
Held? My hurts withheld.

In my wildest waking dream
Dissolve into an earth-kissing
Sunbeam. In my vilest desire
Have wild sex with Usher
In the parting hour, a slave to his

Power and exchange that theory
Which gravitates us all
With her gentle on me at the wake up call
Which I smother like a brute in an alarm clock mad:
That my ex-girlfriend had

When she paid and pierced her bread brown cunt
And when I touched and made her eldest aunt
Not moan (I clasped, clapped her mouth):
For the world had earnest trumpet ears
And the President’s dangling, deep, down South

So resonated us all (in every
Speech that is made for free
From pointed towns in Colombo,
Badulla, A’Pura, Maho, Galle:
Resonate us all): motherfucking.

Underneath that national,
Then, did your man’s dick harden
With grit as you promenaded your garden
Listening to the numbers that made
Me sick: what happened to that dick

When Whittington walked London
And when she flew by air to Kent?
It was not she preferred the cold
Canterbury Tales – not, that, here,
She couldn’t pay the rent.

What was it, then, did you
Seek in your hour
And did your woman bear you
Fruit with her lover?
But, with a woman her pounds, what could one do?

Weak – I die.
Stabbed on my thigh by a
Stripper I lie moaning “In vain,
God fucking ease my pain”:
Exhaling my mercy to his arms. Again.

Take me, Father, in your arms
Like Raphael’s sculpture
And toss me on the mob of horned women
That desire my body – spare no ear,
Nipple, freckle; spare no finger, semen.

Toss me in their hold
I will wear, for my cold,
Their spleen, complaints
And in death will I pray
And be reborn to the teat of a bright sunray.

I’ll be the one to have my nails filed long
I long. Call your heart your home:
Where I belong. Belong.
Walking up inside me now new life stirs.
Hers is a memory, not a melody, fading fast where
She comes from – the loins of my past



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