The Interceptor

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The sun has set and there’s no more light
Where the birds in flight have
Left behind their traces, in silent tree branches;
In our gazes at each other, me on my mirror,
We’re both intense; we await you here

To, like a vapour trickling from some
Outlandish foam, to come smiling,
Your eyes fixed deep on mine,
To come in deliberate steps, lost to the beat of time.
For some, love could be taken for a crime.

Forgetting that world, to come up to me.
Forgetting all else, uncertain eyes
Shutting with uncertain falls the curtain calls,
You come walking; looking up
For life in mine.

The sun ray’s faded underneath the dew drops
And that sun, now set, is set forever.
I await you. In silence I await your moving
Through all echoes that hold, that bind you:
You may not move at all. Though I call.




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