These Decisionmakers of the Day, When they Become Clay, What Happens to the Gay and the Tamils that Pray?

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When Gamini is said to have given the order
To set the library on fire
Or when they burnt it to ground,
They didn’t know that it will be rebuilt
Or to see it reopen that they won’t be around.

Like Caesar – Julius; not Augustus –
Who, in 49 BC, chased Pompey out;
Marched right through Spain, through Greece, Egypt,
Asia, Spain and to Rome:
In 44 the man was stabbed to ground.

Gamini was exploded in 94,
The bomb took his life; made the candidate his wife.
Did Srima, as she took up the party’s c[a]u[r]se
Know within ten years she, too, would die:
If she did would she, then, still take that run at all?

Gamini, Lalith, Premadasa – all dead.
Concrete moulds, as statues, remain instead.
All the blood that was lost, all the sweat that was dripped, and those
Convictions and loyalties till death they gripped…
What did Bandaranaike feel when that lead reeled his body?

Isn’t it sad when you think that after all that is done
With the hope of survival,
Like the shot off a gun,
What survives you once your survival is done
Is just a trickle of smoke
On the long run?

Wimal from Kalutara, Mahinda – Hambantota,
Tell me, come tell me that
Those guns fire different; that that smoke which remains
Would immortalize a moment’s croak,
Give blood to your veins.

Tell me that my fears were mistaken
When I feared the worst when the worst did come
And in the laying down and in the elevation of some,
With your passing water our lifeblood is taken
And mixed; now, your Reality’s real. My child, crucifixed.

In the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer*…
What falcon is in Tamil, as to where they go,
I don’t know; until a few years more.


* a self-conscious reference to Yeats’ poem [The Second Coming]

“Veni Vidi Vici… Mahindus sanctus”

This, I feel, reflects the next twin decade of the Tamil identity of this island

And this…. I have taken from


One thought on “These Decisionmakers of the Day, When they Become Clay, What Happens to the Gay and the Tamils that Pray?

    Kanishka Ukuwela said:
    October 11, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    Well done Vihanga!nicely wriiten. my hats off you.Unfortunately this is the ultimate truth! At last you have writen something sensible!
    Keep it up man.

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