Parent-Teacher Meeting

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Would her mom really
Be the
Fuck that I want her to be:
As she earnestly talks the nerve of some
Insistent discourse

I watch where they curve,
I probe for revealing secrets –
Where her earnestness is less needed.
Where it’s needed
Will she be?

I see, in her, signs
Of what her kid, in part, will
Grow up to be.
The signs are ample enough in going
That I am not the last teacher with a frozen groin.

The miniature, today, of the same nose,
Face, body and arse
Sits watching me with earnest eyes
And my face, I hope, betrays nothing.
What does she expect of her kid?

What does she wanna be in life?



One thought on “Parent-Teacher Meeting

    Vivi said:
    October 28, 2009 at 8:51 am

    very cool poem vihanga. your style has definitely changed. 🙂

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