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(Edited) SMS from a friend:
“Macho, Haththotuwegama


Daily Mirror states that he was 70 when he died.
That he pioneered street-drama with some
‘Group of 74’, or some trivia…
I knew he was ailing –
That his things were failing.

Got nothing to say. About him;
Save, what I saw with my eyes and viewed with
Professional jealousy

How at a lecture, when we were eighteen,
Seven years ago,
How — after one hour of bull shitting old Shakes —
He had the entire High School girls meeking,
Purring, autograph hunting,
Phone number seeking — the works,
The furks:
All our solid good work over a year or so –
Undone in an hour of chatting.

He must have been 63. Covered in scarf
And wrinkles at his eyes.

Bo’s carefully sealed chastity belts**
Were swinging, hanging: locks undone,
(The keys being with Bo).
Then, he walked away in a black cap,
At the end of the show.


** “Bo” is a reference to Mrs. Bowatte, who taught English at Girl’s High School, Kandy at the time referred to in the poem.


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