Walking Cyril C Perera Mawatha

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As it happened
I watched, standing on the sides.
How the politically illiterate
And the literate pondered in sighs.

On yet another statement; another
Status on Facebook’s face.
Another bus pass another bus. And
We’re passing these days

Like any other days we’ve passed.
Waiting. Anticipating. Constipated
For some distant, unsure, blurring something —
Something for which we, for always, have waited.

Another illogical rant, another gallery roused
Like those who the pleasures of sex haven’t spoused
Would be tittered by a poke on the chest, they speak.
Our society, at it’s foundation’s cracked weak.

Another additional few bucks; another opinion vendored.
Another Malinda article; another kiss on my nose.
Another concept by Mervin Silva; another flyover wherever.
Another day at daybreak point; another point whores.



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