Your Heels

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You walk past me
Like you walk past me today:
With a friend, with a smile and an
Uncompromising ‘Hi’. Thinking that I am
Thinking to ram all the way through

In or to you.

Like you walk past me, and in my fancy
And my spree, you’re just customary:
Just one of a hundred and ten thousand
two hundred and ninety three. That’s how I love you.
What you mean to me.

Onto you, I will come


If you would become

For ever

The bitch that your ambition
And your vanity tells you to be.
Flesh, bones and a smile. To me
You’re just an inhaling biology
That’s not worth my consideration

The moment I knock you down
And strip your brown vanity
And the make up off your gown.
When you walk past me — next time,
Smile at me.



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