In a Roomful of Strangers

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A leaf that touches and
Watches the rain:
Every now, every then we meet again and again
You react to me. I react to you

If this is true romance what’s true
In my life has never been true and you
Would have to accept that when I
Come to you, I shed like a snake-skin

Falsity and falsehood.

But will your furtive fidgeting of this
Moment’s rhyme
Keep the bloodlines flowing; resist
The test of time?

With those years of labouring in giving birth to lies,
Today, I doubt whether we would make it —
That if you hold out me a promise, that I would
Hold and take it.

I watch you as you sail across a roomful of heads
And in you I see life, a leaf
Touching the rain: this seeing, this watching, this heart,
Its throbbing is, then, a moment’s misbeat

That aches in vain.



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