Awaiting the Train

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[To, Thami, 29-Jan-010]

The rulers shape what’s history
And history shapes the nation state.
Even if you belong to the 40%, it’s sad,
You can’t shun the “nation” that hangs like a leech

Unto you. Into you
The smile of My Liege sinks in deeper and deeper
Like an anchor down the Dead Sea. Like being knotted,
Gagged and tied to the sleeper, we await at the bend
That inevitable train.

So, awaiting, I have many things to think of:
Of my future, my children, my life chances barren.
They said out of the total voters of Jaffna’s ledger
60 [%] had already left the nation state. History shapes this

Nation state. Rulers shape the history.

I think of Virgil, whose Aeneas wailed
That those who died at Troy were the fortunate ones.
It was the same Aeneas who left the Trojan shores with 700
To breed other Trojan sons, who reigned supreme
From future Rome

And sent the javelins knee-deep home. We don’t speak of Rome here,
Cos we don’t speak Tamil. Just enough space to stand
And smile to breathe in.

Of Marley’s line, I think, which stands cut deep in the vagrant
Thoughts of my mind: “I’ve no fear for atomic energy
Cos none o’ them gonna stop the time”. Time. With time

We will all payback in tears, fears and blood for our peers.
Fools who sigh out of their own insecurities appeased
Should be among those who would be deceased. “Your face,
My Lord, is an open book” and

For now I close my eyes. I’m too fucked up
To look.



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