Streets after Independence

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Shops stand closed and shutters drawn.
Roads stare empty, populated with
Police going up and down. Flags nod to me
As I walk passing them by. Traffic plans altered
For VIP’s convoys. Whithered joy, with

Ceremonies over, hundreds of Police stand
On the sides of the roads, looking eagerly at buses
That slow down. Look a while. Some run in and hang on to doors,
To get to where their next duty lies. It’s another day
In independent paradise.

The day to watch a march-past pass and
To shoot some canons and to stand up and to talk about a flag.
Kandy Lake’s ripples are all preoccupied as they fire,
For this water has seen more
Than talk, pomp and desire.

Independence Day, I, like Billy Blake skulk
Along familiar streets, hunting for a reload card.
Our freedom does not rely on gimmicks as these,
But in our hands and where our thoughts
Like bubble expands.



2 thoughts on “Streets after Independence

    Himali Liyanage said:
    February 9, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    You said somebody is coming from Chennai.
    Isn’t that the reason for Police to be there?

      vihanga responded:
      February 9, 2010 at 7:24 pm

      At times of “peace” (the king’s, queen’s
      the dauphin’s piece, as it is)
      The army, navy, military police,
      Air Force, STF, irrespective of name as it goes
      Becomes, Himali, the paid guards of the ruling
      Elite – becomes the vanguards of that fooling
      That takes place behind doors, within speeding cars,
      Political masks, its mathematic – we don’t see as we pass.

      The armed guard of the holders of power against us.
      To make the system a running, without unnecessary fuss.

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