Sri Lankan Baila Tunes

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Ekneligoda is just an exception at missing.
Only Sirimalwatte is detained. So long.
None of the media houses have been cuffed, manhandled,
So, with democratic rights, pray, what is wrong?

Malwathu Abbot pleads that he has spoken,
Rev. Bellanwila comes on TV and says
To have determined whether Fon’s a crook or not
There could have been other less reckless ways.

Fonseka, it is cleared, came of his will,
It’s an obligation to try this wretched beast.
Wimal says, “he has threatened to reveal violations
Of military law” now that, at least,

Comes as a part-admission that crimes were had,
Cos, to detain a would-be confesser to crime
By means constitutional or by cad
Presupposes foulplay we have had. This time,

The patriot is the one who shields in fact
Against the world that hit out for a want of tact.
But, Fon just said he would testify, so if guiltless be,
Won’t the wrongly accused, then, be set off free?

Brothers At Arms is a Dire Straits hit
That, at the direst moment, has crossed the strait.
Among growing suffocation that we have been had,
There is no relief in cursing fate.

Cos, it was Victor who made the monster,
It was Victor who did the deed. From his
German laboratory it was Victor who had the
Organic complex freed.

“Well, who among you is Victor?”
Success, Kennedy said, was a bastard.
Failure none owns up to; where you’ve flouted
It goes unanswered.

Carry a lamp, walk about, in search of Victor,
Victor passes you by, doesn’t respond to the name.
He doesn’t know who he is, doesn’t know he’s Victor,
Still thrills and whistles at this developing game.



2 thoughts on “Sri Lankan Baila Tunes

    nimhal said:
    March 20, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    whoh the f……. who is insulting,our national heritage. See it feel it and preserve it, it is the work of Sri Lankan craftman.

    Admin responded:
    March 20, 2012 at 5:00 pm


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