Deep Down We Both Used to Breathe

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Many years later, it looks, we’ve
Grown up. Though apart, that dream,
Is best that it split like glass.
Deep down, we both used to breathe
Out our arse.

Many years later, you tell me stories
Of how Norwegian wood sweats in summer.
“Oh, good” I say, thinking all the time
Of the Beatles’ song. You say: “hey,
Did I do you wrong?”

No. In fact, it was only I, who
Dreamed of six other women
While being in love with you. And at the
Same fatal hour, even as you denied it,
I spoke and I wrote of love that’s true

To the word and the word
Once it’s given up and released
Makes sounds that’s unheard of.
You didn’t do me wrong. Sweet bird
Of Norwegian summer.

I don’t think of other women, now,
When I am being in love.



One thought on “Deep Down We Both Used to Breathe

    Thilini said:
    February 18, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Your poetry still takes my breath away, but leaves me baffled at the same time…..

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