Walk Along Beach Road

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He was not lost. Found in the fantasy between a woman
And her child. The child was 23
And, then, he came to me; and told me that he loved
And that he lusted. That he want to be what normal guys
Of normal heights just want to be

And we walked down Beach Road when the sun was down,
Not talking, just watching with our eyes
The people come to town. It was seven o’ clock and
Under the lights of the shop by the roundabout
A girl smiled and looked down. My breath was gone

As we looked around. Let a cyclist pass
And then we crossed the road. Lights changed
And the vehicles screeched and ran about. On the ground
Water of washed vegetables trickle along. She was gone.
Behind the shadows, she is gone. Like the wind.

And “Is it sin?”, he asks me is it sin that he lusts along.
“It is sin!” I agree and I lust for more. Road ends onto the shore
And the way leads on no more. High Security Zone. In the dark
Chaps in the army patrol by the evening tide. Like toy frogs
Wound and let go they march from side to side. All night long.



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