The Owl

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The laughter, the walk and the talk
Are all hand-made reefs against
Insecurity. Mediocrity — it shows
And the wise one knows
How to screw you, if needed be. To screw you
If he wants it.

But, like me, you were
Born out of mother, made love to by man,
Been accustomed to comfort. Built dreams
And realized some. Wanting bad to realize the rest.
Wanting a nameboard in history
Which your sons will read with awe.

My weapons piercing through your tender skin,
Slitting the surface, will reassure me
Of my ego; my wit, but
I hold them down, take my hand off the handle.
Life has taught me many lessons and
I have learnt only to be a leper.



One thought on “The Owl

    Himali Liyanage said:
    March 10, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    beautifully written second verse.

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