To Thami, No Longer In Touch with Me.

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Where are you?
The planet’s turning isn’t it, though

Conversation’s broken down? Look beneath you
Young bird, the cold earth is
Mud and brown. Isn’t it, Thami? Isn’t it

No matter what cards were played, what I told you
Against which we prayed, till the early hours on chat,
In your absence I stare at that.

It won’t happen again, you know.
That past is now an era ago.
If you have a critical mind, Thami, just let it go

If you ever think of us, back here, the world
Disowned to you. We fought for it with what we could
But our weapons were not that good.

Just to say that one day, somewhere,
Where the politics don’t make us pray,
I want us to meet. History to repeat.



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