Upeksha Swarnamali’s office

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Two days to the election,
A day after the final propaganda could be done,
It is raining half way down from
Colombo to Kandy Town.

Keheliya’s posters have been torn out
All around where they stood pasted
Around the Kadugannawa hill.
Mahindananda’s mouth slithered
And crossed out at free will.

SB’s office had this humongous cut out,
Now cut out belly-down.
Another of his posters, in orange sprayed “Paka”,
Where it says “trust”
Is his worthy crown.

Well, propaganda’s over, no more poster-play,
As if, when, on the verge of death, the
Vultures prey. Oppositional carders
Prompt to tear down bills, cut them down,
Pull part. Or make lantern frills.

Basil and Mervyn stood at Yakkala town,
One in pensive mood, the other in his
Jathika gown. Untouched, unmatched,
Gampaha’s 15 and 16, honoured by
Compatriot and Opposition as one.

No one had touched Upeksha Swarnamali’s office.



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