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Only if Alexander (the Great) could be reborn
Three days since he died

To see leeches already digging holes on his
Hard-earned empire, pulling it into shreds like it was the
Last piece of bread; Hot at all kindsa conspiracy,
People wanting to kill…… Three days since you was gone,
Had you been reborn…..

Did you know: Alexander once ordered the
Complete erasure of Thebes? To show
What he refuses and what he keeps:
Thebes had revolted, you see. All men were ordered to be
Butchered. The walls and citadel told to be grassed.

Minor Asia.
Across to India
The valley along the Ganges

As far as the train would take him.
He sets up Alexandria.

Rapid pass among three vast continants.
A seven year continuous march
Subjugating, pillaging, calculating,
Raising up morale and
Putting down revolt.

Alexander the Great, son of Philip (the Fifth),
Pushing back the Persians, with distant dreams of
Mixing the people — from East to West and from Asia
to Greece, to see a grand pan-universal
Order of his zest.

Three days after —- if only you had woken,
To see that it was all too buttery, that it was in all
But a colossal mess…
Your legacy no legacy, you winnings all at a loss…
I shudder to picture you standing there, Mr. The Great,

Wondering whether the Gods ever masturbate.



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