Bachelor of Arts

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Problem is
Some kids took those lectures seriously.
Tried to unravel and analyze.
Deconstruct and be political. To be
Sensitive to gender; use the ‘his’ or the ‘hers’

Po-co, po-mo, po-Poocault, anti-co, re-co:
Ithin (avasana vashayen), tho ko?

They took it seriously, you know:
Started living theory. The boy friend
Who wouldn’t allow you to be squeezed by a random twat became a bother.
Start to de-sexualize the nipple of the mother.
Grow serious faces, tone down to the paces
Of your Professor or Doctor. Or their coolie or clerk.

I saw them, I see them, I pity them good bye.
The God that made thee has her foot
Leveled at thy skull. Teach you the voyage of the Argo.
Screw you on its hull. Kandy’s non-smoking
Temple-going, blind beggermen’s

Subaltern discourse. As good as the ammonia in the

Rain-forsaking, August-grazing polka dotted
Reindeer’s shit. For, the human, I mean:
For you. For me. For “epistemology” — sure, a victory.
These Knowledges is where the common die. Kings
Hold their shit rag banners high.



2 thoughts on “Bachelor of Arts

    wishescanbehorses said:
    June 23, 2010 at 5:49 am

    hey, did you see what Rajpal Abeynaike thinks of Peradeniya graduates? He says they are worth nothing, even the first classes. I think you should challenge this, because you are a super writer. Oh btw how many times did you have to give Juliet Coombes oral sex to get that review of your unplugged quarter? huh?

    vihanga responded:
    June 23, 2010 at 7:09 am

    I think I have to agree with Rajpal Abeynayake, depending on what “nothing” signifies. I have not seen this statement but why alone? Is there a reason why he makes the demarcation?

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