To Complicated Things

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I’m in earnest
And in my heming way
I intend to come on over to stay
Like the milk drawn out a disease-free cow:
Will that be a problem, now?

The gravity of mutual contact sucks,
Cos there’s this patent
Even when one’s making love is hard and latent:
It’s like coming on an island on a date too late
And so you got to constipate.

Come on over to stay — as if this ain’t Sri Lanka
Freshly won on over for all; as if
These ain’t parents, these ain’t kindred and folk.
Disease-free cow product: nice metaphor — that.
And metaphors don’t make good in love.

It’s like being on an isle watching your ship sail by,
A bit, you know, like mutiny
Like that Captain Jack Sparrow. The easier way, I guess,
Would be to go bring down some heart
But, I’ve quit for peace my bow and arrow.



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