Rhombus on the Floor

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A Parable for Life

Once again, life falls into place this
August eve:
Half lost in our anxieties and influencing others
We sit: Shirlene, Marlowe, Me and Ashan.
Malitha, facing me, snorts like the dad of Darn,

I mean, don’t just go read this shit,
Try visualize them sitting — how it
Happens this rainy none-for-the-better noon:

Like a crestfallen rhombus on the floor:
Me, Malitha facing — dead in front.
Marlow — 90 degrees, Malitha’s right.
Ashan — 90, right of Marlow. And Shirlene,
No crystal in the night.

“We had had this talk before” Marlow says,
“Back in the year 2004”.
Yet, here we are, talking the talk again
(Every now and then digressing with vain)
While people around us brave the rain.

“……Orientalism in the postcolonial….” and
The minutes trickle through:
Sighing at me showing off
Lying by a showing off you.
Through all this motherfucking Sena sits like a pot.

“…. But, how can reality be… essentialized…
From Rushdie, Mukherjee, Anita Desai…. Roy…
Here, don’t say anything against Roy…
Roy’s damn good… Pathetic… Roy’s…”
In a roofless tent water ducks making a noise.

Non-academics, clerics, non-academic academics,
Fellows and visitors pass us slow.
“You think you’re not orientalist, but the moment you…”
I am told, when I speak of it, I am already a believer.
Like loving, just to leave her.

“Aesthetic appreciation…. just for
Aesthetic appraisal… Just enjoyed
Carl Muller… Nyanameemansaava”
Malitha: “What the hell is Nyanamee….”
“Nyana-mee-mansava”: Ashan. “Epistemology”.

Life stops to take a minute off
Its self-denying revolution.
I no longer know whether I walk in circles
Or whether I’ve moved.
Whether I am DJ in a spot where I’d rather grooved.

Quite older than I once was,
Always younger than I’ll be —
Like, after changes upon changes and changes
Being almost still the same.
I’ve plagiarized these lines, so does it make me lame?

I begin to wonder, listening to your
Voice, like playhouse thunder, break through the
Fall of rain. These talk are pleasure
And they make you move,
But often leave you pain, though the point you prove.



One thought on “Rhombus on the Floor

    ken said:
    August 24, 2010 at 6:08 am

    hold on there :)…

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