The Earl of the Indian Ocean

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    “No room for trimmer, coward or fool”.
    The Kingswood Song

My school song still sings.
Saying that Ranil is an unprincipled leader
And citing his deep affection for the UNP
Earl is gonna back the principled president
And become to the UNP a dissident.

Earl is an old boy from my school.
Out of all occasions he chooses this.
Out of love for the party, he votes against it.
If Earl has a woman he loves and if there’s a fight
Is Earl to sleep with another woman for the night?

How fishy our excuses have, of late, become:
So, all those that truly love the UNP
Are all but in it; being with the government,
Shooting pool with the king and devouring the perks
And all the time calling the sundry UNPers jerks.

This is no “no confidence” or “budget vote”
But an amendment brought in in haste
To appropriate the national legislation,
To cut channels for more and more power,
To make the family heirloom the nation.

Earl, you patron of Kingswood, you know,
Any fucking moron knows why you guys go.
Don’t say it’s Ranil, don’t say you were compelled to join:
Cos, from a party to a party those ain’t the reasons one’s going;
And at this time too, where numbers matter

Don’t waste time in conferences, idle chatter.

To redeem the party, patient endurance show.
The false teeth fall and the mercenary go.



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