Keyt’s Successor

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Creon, King of Thebes, orders the body of the traitor Polynices to be left unburied, unwept, untouched — a deal for passing carrion; and a lesson for all to see.

– Sophocles’s Antigone.

A modern day Antigone:
Can hatred tempt a mere mortal much further?
Had he sublimated this passion – say – to do a drawing or something
Would he have made enough to take over
From Keyt?

Was ordered to leave the corpse
All naked and sodden,
A living lesson for all to see:
Not one was killed, not a single — when submitted.
Two years and a half and a failing lung:

Do you have enough vanity left to hide that you’re truly, you’re surely

A nation that made mercenaries into heroes.
A mandate that justified drilling torsos as deliverance.
And our people were all for it — their animal passions revived
And they say he would have been freed had he said just one word:


Say it, now — say it:
Perhaps, it is not too late.
When in the circus the oiled gladiators bait,
The fallen and the wounded may survive to strike
Only where you can prolong the unstruck pike.

From a production of Antigone



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