Nut Watching

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Crow Island, 2010.

One day the coconut will
Sail home to shore.
Against the oil-sealed sands of the coast
What you have caste away will come
To be welcomed and to be given a toast.

It is the ignorance of ordinary men and
(Since, same rights people) also women
That they don’t see what is to come:
What is to become
Of deep-felt, firm held dreams:

You just got to hold your breath
And to smile to a stained mirror
And believe that whatever it may have been
Things no longer matter: only that
You tried not to let the dream scatter.

The coconut blobs through indifferent waves.
The beach, the shore spreads like
A never-ending promise. These are all
Promises of kinds: the love and good that life offers.
Knowing that you’re just a moment in the rest of time.



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