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And in life through all I’ve been taught
I’ve just learnt to be a leper.
Where has my teacher gone? I just
Want to go and let her
Know that I’m untouched and in secret

I wash myself in a guarded space.
The light reflects off my shoulder
And I feel the cold of its
Meandered rays. Thousand ways, they scatter
And I stand there to watch

Women clinging glasses, smoke
Ringlets evaporate the rest.
When I walk past the party their
Skin wrinkles as they sense me come
They smile placid. stop the seductive jingles.

Long corridor, I hear you echo my words,
I search my teacher whose mobile’s
Switched off. Or number changed. Or
It’s disengaged. Just to say I retain a pure chalk,
As they recoil, retreat as I enter. Walk.

Any day will be the last of days,
Any day this skin will slip and
Waste to fall. By bits the bits
Will this moist human clay
Turn against you a greater wall.



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