Making History on the Road

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Donated by Kamal Chanaka of
Pandora Enterprises

A concept of the Honourable Provincial Council Minister
A prerogative of Vihanga Perera, JP

We speak as if the feeble hoarding
Will stand the fucking test of time.
As if this road, than later, will not crack,
As if history’s loving and merciful.
Momentary illusion of mis-shapen power drive.

But, that’s what all of us want to be:
A lasting slice of history.
A place to put us by
Once our destiny’s made.
A means to keep us going till we’re finally properly laid.

Flyover ahead:
Work Started – December 2008.
Work Completed – March 2009.
Your Tax Money at work
Is it worth to grapple with the Math? To get answers?

Just a 300 metre over-pass,
This not some larger-than-wall in China.
Just a coat laid over a gravel track.
Nothing that labour cannot do.



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