Ward 33

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On a day without you

A collaboration with Dhanuka Bandara (C. Bandara) —.

A day without you.
A day without you.
Can a mole in an alien hole
Affect our isolation so?
We’re freezing:
A chilling that leaves us numb.

Awaiting your return as
Women that threaten integrity
Surround us.
In the frigid casts of their bodies
The libidos whither.

Lolly, too? Whither?
Hyperactive libido placated by a
Beguiling chaste facade.

Funny how Lolly and Pam fit
Into this compact room where they sit.

Lolly is of their model, only the
Strategy differs.
The tubelight flickers.
Neon light floods, smothers the room.

Kamali, oblivious to her mother
Fantasizes of another.
Kamali, beneath her blanched skin, a
Sadist sibil.

Someone’s talking here of
Sour grapes.
But, this is a season of spring:
Why talk of death stories?
It is the question time, the fan is still.

And you haven’t come, yet —
The longing multiplies.
It mollifies the longing, the aftermaths,
The dread of the unknown,
A cunt with claws.

Kamali’s mother speaks —
Doesn’t sound at all like Nora.
Ugly, repulsive, slutty bitch.



2 thoughts on “Ward 33

    Dinishika said:
    February 23, 2011 at 1:01 am

    hmmm.. I like the the “idea” of ” Funny how Lolly and Pam fit
    Into this compact room where they sit” …. Interesting ( more ‘imaginatory” than poetically ” )

    VK responded:
    February 23, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    the whole idea is how observation wanders at aimless sittings… when u sit without purpose against the availability of time.

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