People’s Leader

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Ignorance breeds a growing reed of dust
That rots the middle at a sick-like pace
As I stand, where I stand shakes ‘neath like crust
In your all assuming, patronizing stupid gaze.

You paddle like a boat, a river base and vile,
Give face to the murk with gross beaming smile.
Toss a speech on progress, the need to steady the peace
And with that envisaging done — it is, yet, what it is.

Expert analysis on what needs to be put,
Who plays foul and what crimes are done.
Storm, take on the big floor, the big role, shout, but
The tirade over, storm out and begone on the run.

Beguiling, beguild, knowing it’s beguiling,
Smiling, smiled at, the ball rolls smiling
As limited resources and clumsiness spend
Where would I fall to, when it breaks in the end?



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