My Side of the Cubicle’s Glass

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Tall buildings which, some day, will fall
Give me the confidence of where I stand, but still,
When the confectioner of Kandy’s shopping mall
Pretends not to see me, like a cruel pill,
I feel small; I see my reflection on the wall

As they sit, their consumable legs,
Smooth delicate foot rocking the shoe by its strap,
Distanced by the cubicle’s glass. As they stare into a desktop,
The office midriffs and stretch marks stretch,
Lost souls float in search of place. I stand and watch it from my edge.

You’re a woman, some man’s invested desire
And you can be had; though you’re not for hire.
Pink blouse, plain face, faded bag and — higher —
A sober temperament that never catch fire.
God, this stanza has regular end-rhyme… till now.

So, the KCCKandy City Center, the local Majestic City
Is the place to be. Cool gangs hang by escalator terminals;
Sit under escalators; whisper by escalator sides;
Watch with blatant young eyes the eyes of gals by escalators.
There are more escalators than things, by escalators, you can do.

Bring in here to KCC your village mentality for a talk
Or press the pussy of your i-pod as you take it on a walk.
O’ Majestic City come to Kandy 20 years all too late,
Empty showrooms in thin glass, transparent as fate, stare at you
As you pass; and with your stare consummates.

I walk through the metal detector and when it
Makes the curious sound; am I to walk on,
Or am I to turn around? What if I am made of metal?
What if all I want is a detonater? The brown suited jack
And the blue osareed girl are lost in a talk that the rest never will know.


For unfamiliar audiences:

KCC (Kandy City Center) is a massive shopping mall — along the lines of Majestic City, Colombo 4 (the first [?] of its kind to be opened in SL 20 years ago) opened in the heart of Kandy, 2 years ago.


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