An Ode to Death

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චන්දරේ – ඔබ කවුද?
මරණය – මම මරණය.
චන්දරේ – ඔබ මරණය? මේ ගිටාර් එකකුත් දාගෙන? මම හිතුවෙ සංගීතකාරයෙක් කියලා.

— Chathura Jayathilake: ගන්ධබ්බපුර සනධ්‍යාවක්.

Death looks boldly in the eye
Only those that cannot challenge him.
The bypass-operating surgeon’s sigh
Of a successful operation makes him grim.
But, be proud Death, cos though he sighs out loud,
Of the result to be he had no clue about.

He poses as an agent against your inevitable
Trade, Death, be to him what doctors are
To medical reps from numerous brands — charitable:
From your ashes is made his shooting star.
And as he reads income tax bills into the night,
Draw a warm blanket, Death, over a dream-sleep tight.



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