Love at a time of Cholera

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At a Lecture on Displacement


This room in which I drone
Has no meaning to me.
Away from home, where I want to be,
From where sweet breath brims,

Waiting by a railing, without failing,
By the bridge I should pass
To the greeting of the warmest smile
In anticipation; all the while

Feeding me life and comfort
To survive the world.
Away from home and from love
In a meaningless room

I pretend to take notes, Tutu,
Writing this.


Meditation on the Arrest of Charles Darney in Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities


The gate.
The grilled window.
The face behind, in twinkling smile.
The bridge.
The unlatching lock.
The door opening
And the welcome home kiss
Is the sum total of what life is
To me, my love.

In your warm embrace
And in arms that refuse to let go,
In assurance, holding me there
Seeking for more; and, then, more

Is the total of what life is to me,
To be a captive of that moment’s power;
To be moved by your passionate eyes
And to whisper in your ear, “Lover”.

Tomorrow they will come
And tomorrow will arrive
With an eastern quarter; and a sunrise.



Applying Hesoid’s Philosophy to Life / There is a Time….

There is a time to lay open the barn
For the corn devil to walk in and sleep
On the haystack. A time
To let it dig with its hoof
The tender soil that nursed your tree.

A time to lay low, remove
Arms, ariels, wireless phones.
A time to go underwater,
But not for snorkling.

A time to hold back, deep breath
Breathed in. And await a time
To snap the finger and to make love.

A time to create and a time
To live dreams. A time to
Jump, hold and climb trees.

A time to destroy
What you will.




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