Your Face is an Open Book, My Lord

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To, Tuan Dilshan – Captain, SLC

When the match stops for tea
On the 3rd day, with only
Mathews and Mahela on the way
Of an Australian win,
The camera turns on him, in the pavilion,
Stretching his arms: yawning.

A captain can be guaged from the
Way he plays:
Attapattu and Mahela — cautious,
Hashan — defensive, Arjuna — wily,
Sangakkara — pompous.
But, you?

Chandimal on the 90s, with
Sri Lanka 12 to get in 21 or so.
Mathews trying to save the runs
For the kid to have a go, as
You watch — from the balcony —
Piss shooting from your eyes.

You cut a ball on the line of off stump,
Drive on the up, foot stuck in the crease.
Follow it up with a text book square drive,
And the next — you scoop behind with hurtless ease.
Frown at the bowler from backward of square
Hands on your hips, without a care for the world.

Arms folded, weight on the table,
Post-match media session, telling
Them what’s in the ready made speech:
That you got to re-group and learn the lesson.
You — unpredictable, unschooled bat,
For whom are lessons, then: why don’t you ask the world?



2 thoughts on “Your Face is an Open Book, My Lord

    Ishan R said:
    September 7, 2011 at 7:43 am

    Oh yeah VK!! Way to go maaan!! This is one of those rare masuran talks!!

    Jani Bee said:
    September 7, 2011 at 11:05 am

    The matters visible on his face weren’t that strange as those of Macbeth, were they?
    Both are ambitious, fine… Hmm then again people can have different standpoints…
    You’ve got it damn right with Sanga it happens merely out of clear-cut pomposity…But folks still think Sanga is this cool approachable nice gradebook-faced guy:D
    Arjuna and Mawan I don’t know…
    Anyways nice set of observations put across in verse

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