A Specimen of the Educated Class.

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To Derrick Jr, Trinidad, Shoe Maniac, Pam Lee,E-Jaye, Tall Guy and Freddie Mercury

Do you remember the look on
Winston’s face, when
For the first time he meets Julia,
After being fagged by O’ Brian?

Cos, I remember that face
And that act is called screwing up (big time).
It is not the minted out nail it is meant to serve;
When the System’s at a risk of knowing too much.

And of examination result boards, my friend(s),
That, is the primary moral story.
You got the rest of your life to meditate by,
As mediocre cunts puff clouds in the sky.

And, perchance, through those clouds
If you see Thusitha Heaven’s maidenhood,
It means that you ain’t gonna grow up; or,
That you still may have a chance where you can do good.

And when you look her in the eyes
And you see the industriousness, the dexterity
Of that pet(ty) ambition and hollow moral core,
Be known, friend, the moral victory is in letting go.

Behind that board you must remain
And in dispensable paper you are written.
They will always come extend a smile; a hand;
Like the earth’s salt. On that place that you’re bitten.



One thought on “A Specimen of the Educated Class.

    Trinidad said:
    October 9, 2011 at 4:04 am

    you saw the results we got for Theory ha? Half of us actually think it’s not bad, considering what we were expecting

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