So Much Pressure

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“Love is like a bottle of gin
But a bottle of gin is not like love”

— The Magnetic Fields: ‘Love is Like a Bottle of Gin’

Ah! so much pressure
Can’t put my thoughts to words.
A million miles from home,
And as I close my eyes, random thoughts of you;
I got no breath to sigh.

Prim e-mails to type,
For a bitch to munch em as hay
And to spin em around her mouth with
A touch of gin; turn at me
And spray it on me with a grin.

Politeness is mistaken for my chiefest strength.
Boy, O’ boy, Kid — you ain’t know me:
Ain’t know me anything.
I dance and I spin — not those dances, not those drums —
But, my heart’s got a rhythm, and I spin.

So, feed me ‘culture’ and I will
Let you believe that I’m, like, wow
And when you gloat over my body I will tell
That it’s out of Christian love.
I ain’t got a religion to boot; but, up ma brain, a dagger .



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