Embilipitiya Mill House

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The Embilipitiya Mill, the
Mismanaged problem child
Sent into compulsory retirement
Its 375 labour gang, national style.

That, of course, was last week
And today’s paper, a week later
Advertises all in house posts
As vacant, under a different multinational pater.

A smooth, confident, full page ad
Which we can give the evicted workers, after its read
So that they can keep it a while
To wrap around neatly when they find sufficient bread.

N.B — “Ex-servicemen are encouraged to apply”;
So, feel the encouragement pump inside
And wipe away the tears you, in vain,
Have cried. Denied, dismissed

Your chances — at least on ad — looks fair,
Or perhaps that is capitalism
Grinning as it does, Everywhere. Apply to
Glenwood, Pasal Mawatha, Himbutana Road, Malabe
And to find a new job — at 45 — do not, be it a moment, delay.



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