Speed of Light

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Making love in a saucer from
Mars abducted; two aliens
Gagged and tied with wires in the boot.
One struggles to break free, listens not to us yell
That if he calms down not, one of us will shoot.

The other watches us, with a martian sneer
And wonders, O’ Lord, see them earthlings fuck:
How alien this aggression — and the spectators, too,
They, with aggressive denial,
Under key and lock.

You steer with your foot on
Keyboard complicated; oncoming saucers
Blare their wailing honks. Even if we hit we’ll
In death be unseparated. Says the alien through the gag:
“Look the road, you wonk!”

Take it slow, allow the moment,
Not cos we might hit and perish,
Because this moment, for long, won’t come.
So, go slow, go slow, on this fast moving thing:
Passing saucers slow down to VGA my bum.

Listen, Martian watching, if you ain’t
Gonna play hero, the knots on your hands
We will let undone. Your voyeurism’s no phony,
Cos that’s how everyone does it, and
It keeps you a prisoner until you’d come.

“Earthling you fool”, the prisoner in muffles,
“You ain’t never let the female do you from top”.
Fool yourself, bound Martian, for ours is pleasure
And in submission to such notions
Earthly missionaries stop.

Past a billboard with a Statesman
Towards the Wonder of Asia,
Spear-like, the saucer in search of destination,
In search of a cup. Where the highway is over
And the exit point’s avowing, we gonna keep on a roving
And sail o’er the top.



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