Irretraceable Spots

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Silence in the backdrop of
Surrounding sounds
And our loyalties like guards
Making the rounds

And words that don’t matter
Where words dare not tell
Keep coming and coming
Like gun shots in hell

They melt away; from a distance
A crazy rock smears
To irretraceable spots
Waves the ocean depth hears

And self-conscious you sport,
Self-conscious you speak.
The unconscious thumb drumming
Of your consciousness weak.

For, there’s more time to make a
Statement for the guarantee is there
That, this moment once done, this
Not a moment we share.

There, the motions you run,
Thoughts drift where they scatter
And as long as you dream
What you do does not matter.

Matter of fact is that you
Are composed as you sit
And composed am I seated
And that is it.


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