Ode to Merciful Sadness

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Willful Sadness, slit me, soft take me from life
That,every milepost illusive, promised I am all
But, to be deceived and deceived and deceived at end:
Strike me for once more, enhance my fall,
Unrewarded send me, for these knees — crooked, bent,
Surrender this instance with no murmur to sigh
The sadness to cut sadness, the swift of your knife,
If with one heave, just leave the room to call
In whisper, my sweet, your name as I die.

There is no flicker that will carry,hold,
Numbed, where life stutters,
You stare at the screen and the cursor where it blinks.
Dead mist of midnight hum sighs by the shutters,
You’re dead to your self and surrounding things.
It will move on, even if you survive, even in pain
Life smears ahead, very Life to you have told:
In breathing in and exhaling very little matters
For, you’re bound to be slithered again.


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