Frocks, White Pants.

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Once she asked me to
“Come and sit down here”.
I scarcely recognized the symptoms:
An odd job on the cards.
That day she was most kind to me,
Sweet in conduct, a feather in her
Soft blown hair near feeling my cheek’s cheek:
“Are you there?”.

She ended everything by
Asking me to get her a phone number
And to check whether MFS Luchow
Has a girlfriend by the name of Mimi:
“It’s Mismitha — but, God, she calls herself
Mimi”. Otherwise, she would not
Speak to me in public. The most beautiful woman
On secluded earth.

“Give me your poetry sometime
And I will read them”. I am watching her
Half unconscious, “But, here, try to find out
About Mimi soon, ok?”. She turns around
And away where she sits. I am heavy
And if I stand up now, will the weight of my bum
Leave an impression behind?

This is not how it happened, though;
Though many years later and my
Retrospection gives me an edge
To be reality’s director. This is not how
It ended; but, this, then, is how
It came to its end. With a lump in a

Unknown and warm.

2012-02-21 (2001)


One thought on “Frocks, White Pants.

    Jani Bee said:
    February 21, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Into marketables?:)

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