Photo Memory

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And then I do not see your face,
Your eyes, as in the dark you are undecided
I know. “Well, then” and then:
“Good night – I got to go”. I hear the door open
And I watch as you move out:

Left leg, bag, right leg – jeans blue
In the reflecting moon’s rhythm,
So – this is you. Peeps back through the window
“Drive safe, don’t go” too fast; but, an empty road
Without vehicles wouldn’t know.

Headlights flash on and – with its inconclusive edges –
A death notice with a face from the lamp post watches
With time and eternity either side of its day
A pothole, a tyre resists; give way.
I am thankful; should I regret that you said good night?

Memory, sometimes, makes you forget,
Makes days feasible; makes courage come easy.
Inaction, like Chekhov, like on a night too warm
For restless thoughts and hearts, is a
Kiss for another day.



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