The Noel of the State of No Terror

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On the 10th of April there were two press conferences — one by the Government, clearing its stance (and good name brought to disrepute) over the abduction and release of Kumar Gunaratnam and Dimuthu Attygale. The second briefing was by Dimuthu Attygale and the Frontline Socialist Party, on the same subject, accusing the government of abduction and of white vanism.


After such knowledge, what forgiveness? — TS Eliot; Gerontion


Here I am, again,
All set to go on TV:
The Minister’s out sick
And to be shot, here I am, though the deputy.

All my arguments — ironed, ready,
My voice trained, though I lack
The confidence of credibility,
I trust the wall I got on my back.
Here I am, once again — I look steady

And I stare at a distant spot
Far away as I speak. Don’t look in the eye,
Do not get confused. His expired VISA,
Confounded identity, aliases,
Would drop on me if not properly used.

Condemning evidence. Vans other than white.
Dubious character. Shady dealing.
Expired VISA. Name fished off the night.
Tarnish state name. Unpatriot.
International Conspiracy on the loom.

So, this is what happens to
Disappearing victims — they
Appear in new names, in far away places.
Yes — this is where they go to, claimed to be ‘picked’:
They resurface in places far away from here.

This is what happens to so-called
Victims of terror — they change their spots,
Colour, their creed and name and
Resurface afar with a pointed finger.
Yes — I am, now, the servant of Archimedes.

I need water and a drink, now the
Briefing is done. A quick shower in a spot
Where the ventilation is cool. I switch off
For the day, spokesman, yours sincerely
And to others: less sincere, by duty, the Fool.




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