Tussler, Much Later On

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If he knew, through sundry prophetic means,
That today you would seem what
Today you seem, would he have
Stirred half the block to a common cause,
Walk up the building and by the corridor pause

To take him — standing, backed by the power
Of the rest of the block, in this hour of rest —
Face full, full in the eye? This is a test where
You negotiate with the counter-suitor as
To whom to court the pulsating girl is best.

She was far away, then (as you are
Far, today, away from who she was); back then:
As he comes up to him, tells him to back off
His dream. 15 rupees away, in a busy canteen,
In a girls’ school sipping tea without cream.

A judicious third party saved the day
Of blood. You never knew how you were
Savoured; oh, no, you wouldn’t know
How one party that day, after school, till the
Others left wouldn’t go.

He sneers at my unwedded state and I wonder
Does he wonder of that unbleded fate
Where the other backed off, not all too
Gentleman-like? More as a precaution to
Save his face from a spike?



One thought on “Tussler, Much Later On

    Janitha Rukmal (@janitharuki) said:
    April 30, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    Lol Reminds me the following slang graffiti:D
    “ඉවසන දනන් රුපුයුදයට ජය ෙකාඩිය
    ෙමය කියු එකාෙග් කට කැපුවත් මදි ය
    ඉවසන්නැති එවුන් ලඟ බඩු හත අට ය
    ඉවසන රැෙහ් අපි තාමත් තනිකඩ ය”

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