Tell It to the Nation

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Ratata kiyanna — Belt it out loud at
The primitive five senses of
a nation, which in the month of May, when it cleanses
Itself of all sins, terrorists and all
Other sights of enlightenment inside a shopping mall:

Swarna channel’s sing-song news desk
Shows an item where a couple caught stealing
a Cadju packet from a store,
Are being beaten without thought; without feeling,
Till blood spurts out raw.

Ratatama kiyanna — for it tells us more
About what the nation is than
Swarna’s own ethic-less turds would know.
Till blood, caught stealing a cadju packet from a store.
How poor we are. How ignorant, without blood in our bones.

No — backboneless TV channel, your petty footage
To sauce up the dinner of your 8 o’ clock belt,
As opposed to what you prefer not to show, of
Greater thieving magpies that your finer parts felt
Is not news to us, sadly; ratatama kiyanna.

This is the place where we are in.
This is our time and
Hour of truth.



One thought on “Tell It to the Nation

    Janitha Rukmal (@janitharuki) said:
    May 17, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    LIKE! And we the ‘Lion Nation’ thus terrorize our ‘own’ folks whilst partying for a death of a ‘terrorist clan’ a mas murder of sorts on the coming Saturday:P no wonder…. ෙදන්ඩ හිෙතනවා…. wonder bar ්‍එකක්;)

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