How I Met Your Mother

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If I hadn’t actually turned half a circle back,
Done that thing with my eyes that made
Detection compulsory, he wouldn’t have noticed me
And, by his side all a stalk, she could have walked on
Unseeing me, in evasive talk.

“Oh, hellooooooo” (damn your timing), and the
Strain lines, twitching under the face cream;
Now that I caught your attention, we — like two
Trawlers that had alien met mid stream — let the
Hurrying feet meet and pass our detention.

He stares through the shop glass at the
Varieties of Seiko; and our unimpressive
Preambles serve neither politeness nor time.
Well, hardly politeness — your eyes: half exhausted.
And I promise myself to hush in me this crime.

And today, Monday, we meet — today, you talk to me
Unknowing where I had met; not knowing
My torrents of maternal knowledge. Relaxed,you
Offer me another round of tea
And bid me to kindle in you soft memories of college.



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