The Cauldron Bubble

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Non-Academic, Academic, students’ agitation.
Kapilavastu Dhaathu spectacle.
Anti-sacrificial rites motion.
Commonwealth ministers’ forum.
Book exhibition.
Universities closed.Dons on strike.
Continuous, non-committed negotiation process.
Pradheshiya Sabha Election.
T-20 World Cup.
Hyde park rally.
Results supreme court verdict.
Chandrasena, Berti Premalal and Ranjith.
Malaka, Rehan and Major.
Rabbidigala Madam retired.
Colombo students tear gased and hosed.
Militant dies, FB romance jaded.
Getambe rally. Galle to Colombo march.
Sanjeewa Bandara ambushed, remanded.
SB on TV. Bandula and SB. Mohan Lal warming up (to,
Perhaps, move his ass to the big league cup).
Black market tickets. Dilshan, messy running among wickets.
Major backs down, disclaiming.

Pallekele Cricket Ground.
11 KM ahead.



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