A Changed Man

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In an interpretation where
Everything is an international conspiracy,
The stillness of the documentary video
Of the march marched against the silent sea breeze’s lull
Towards Hyde Park Corner along the road from Galle
Is energy: latent, controlled, amidst all that gravity.

Untamed, seasoned through what through experience
He’s earned, with that lead-zinc-iron compound
— With which every tough speaking political hound
Transfixes from tender giggle, smile to
Passionless scowl — he belts out the hoppers at 360:
But, we all must agree that he is a slightly different SB.

I mean, given that resistor with which the
Political systems are planted — where
Change, even mass-less, heeds not the
Power of the mass, this dent from being
Ever-pissed regimental dick to peddler of farce
Is an achievement, irrespective of 6%.



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