And A Second Time a Despot’s Silent

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Every regime needs an enemy
And to fulfill that order
It will unleash its bloodhounds,
Feed them with meat to beat up
Insecurity,disorder; periodically.

The seeds of the Northern War
Was before my time. The ones
Who bred the flames of hatred
With patriotic cloth
Covered up their crime. Now, with unlimited time.

Now, leading the masses
And Ignorance by their noses,
Pumping no lesser a juice
All shaken and drilled up their asses
The regimental warlord comes a second time.

And a second time, the rotten heads
A second time, in their ethnic slogans,
Playing the number game all wrong
Sprinkling hatred, regime-friendly swagger
In a bid for a bloody dawn

And a second time a despot’s silent
And his ministers beat up the bowels
Of angry, xenophobic fanatics
Who yell, dispense distrust. For in the
Theory of divide and rule such breeding is a must.

Bleeding Nation, you are caught,
And your organs held, they seek
The most apt place to drill
Your veins deep down to where the bone is rich
And renew your wounds, more blood to spill.



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