By the River I Sat

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The most loved one at a given moment, perhaps —
One final cup, now; after years of what we were about.
Among us, where we sit, gaps on gaping gaps.
It is one of the saddest days — no doubt.

The hurtful sorrow I welled in skin-deep
When, years before, on an unsuspecting morn
You went (even as I’d, confounded, weep)
Compares to nothing; since now, you’re gone.

Not that we would meet, years between then
And now, with ticket in hand you smile, you tell
To one who — at a given moment — of all other men
Rejoiced all times; and loved you well.

There’s no need for emotion, there’s no need to stay
Back on denied long hours where memory’s strong
And from here on there is but one hauled way
And a path to tread that won’t do you wrong.

When it’s over we walk, and then where paths split
We split and walk on, as paths carry on
As an unlikely design on a wafer-bed knit
Is, with a neat soft hand, along the margins torn.




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