On the Defense of Resistance

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This resistance of temptation, by all means,
Makes sense: it is the resort
To preserve the sensation of that soft tingle,
To prolong that wow reaction of your flirt on the crotch
And to linger what we leave speculation
As we watch. This resistance

Is all that requires to be unnerved
For what – months and perhaps even
Many months from now – you would debate on
And call the Indelible Complexity. Those who sanitize
Simple pelvic truth – crude monsters of dull mediocrity –

Consistently corrode within those walls of flesh,
The subtle shakes and forget-me-not eyes,
Layered locks, -cured nails and blazing toes in colours
Even the Permoglaze dog defies. Resistance, then, is to
Prolong your wet world; and its arty suspender in mine.

Azhar Ali


One thought on “On the Defense of Resistance

    Wristcutter said:
    June 1, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Immediate, but short and wide and very Sreesanth-like.

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